SG Three-phase Transformer

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SG Three-phase transformer

Price Range: 40$–4300$

Main technical features

■ Three-Phase input voltage: 440V/415V/380V/360V. ■ Three-Phase output voltage: 220V/200V. Efficiency: =>>98%. ■ Waveform distortion: No additional waveform distortion. ■ Function: With automatic systems, phase sequence indication, voltage indication .. ■ Protection: With automatic function, overcurrent protection, phase sequence protection .. ■ Unattended for long-term continuous long-term work. I Insulation resistance: > 50MQ. ■ Electric strength: Frequency sinusoidal voltage 3000V lasted for one minute without breakdown and flashover. ■ Overload capacity: Twice the rated current for 1 minute.