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TDGC2/TSGC2 Contact voltage regulator

Price Range: 12$–1400$ TDGC2, TSGC2 series voltage regulator with a beautiful shape,do not wave distortion, small size, light weight, high efficiency,easy to use, reliable operation, amd other characteristics of its superior performance can be widely used in industry (such as the chemical industry, metallurgy, instrumentation, e;ectrica and me-chanical Manufacturign,light industry,etc.),scientufic experiments, utilities, household appliances, in order to achieve the regulator, temperature, speed, power and dimming control purposes, is an ideal exchange reg-ulator power supply.  

TSD Wall-mounted Automatic AC Voltage regulator

Price Range: 35$–100$
Input voltage AC100V-AC260V  |  AC140V-AC260V
Output voltage  220V±2%
Phase  Single
Response Time  Within 1 sec. against 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiencv  ≥90%
Environment temperature  -15C -40C
 Relative humidity  <90%
Frequeney  50Hz/60Hz
Waveform disortion  No-lack distortion in waveform
Insulation resistance  2MQ Normally mire than 2MQ
Output over-voltage protection AC246±4V